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Labour Ordinance

Foreword (PDF)

Chapter 1: Application of the Employment Ordinance (PDF)

Chapter 2: Contract of Employment (PDF)

Chapter 3: Wages (PDF)

Chapter 4: Rest Days, Holidays and Leaves (PDF)

Chapter 5: Sickness Allowance (PDF)

Chapter 6: Maternity Protection (PDF)

Chapter 7: End of Year Payment (PDF)

Chapter 8: Termination of Contract of Employment (PDF)

Chapter 9: Employment Protection (PDF)

Chapter 10: Severance Payment and Long Service Payment (PDF)

Chapter 11: Protection against Anti-union Discrimination (PDF)

Appendix 1 : Enquiries (PDF)

Appendix 2 :A Guide to the Calculation of Relevant Statutory Entitlements on the Basis of the 12-Month Average Wages with Examples (PDF)
MPF Laws
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